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Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm


Head-In (:01)


Gabrielle Cavassa rhythmically places many of the original Cole Porter melody on notes slightly adjacent to the beat, consistent with a vocal jazz performance. Her approach isn’t jarring because of her smooth, legato connection of the notes within the phrases, and her relaxed, bouncy interpretation.


Gabrielle has a warm chest voice and goes into a light, more quiet head voice when singing high notes.


Gabrielle maintains good sense of pitch, allowing her to use minimal vibrato on this song.


Gabrielle saves a melodic interpretation for the head-out, mostly adhering to the pitches of the original melody.


TIP: You don’t have to completely restructure every element of a song to place your stamp on it. It’s tempting to take on all parts of the song: rhythm, harmony, and melody at the same time. Gabrielle parses her interpretation by changing the rhythm but not melody on the Head-In and inverse, the melody but little rhythm adjusting on the Head-Out. In my opinion, this restraint makes her interpretation more clear and balanced.