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Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm


Benny Bennack III Two Chorus Solo (2:41-4:04)


Chorus #1 (2:41) - Trumpet-style improvising

Waiting a second for the rhythm section to bring the energy down, Benny entered with mid-range, eighth-note bebop improvisation with a touch of trumpet-style ornamentation of grace notes and half-valving.


In the second A section, heard was a ‘trumpetistic’ triplet phrase, very clear because it started off his phrase.


At the end of the first chorus, Benny reaches up in range with a repeated, bluesy phrase with a half-valve at the end of it.


Chorus #2 (3:23) Increased Energy

Another repeated figure starts off the more intense second chorus. The rhythm section in both solos has had a second chorus push of energy. I think, reacting off of this, Benny went into his first elongated 16th-note burst.

In the next eight bars, Benny plays a diminished melody over the ii-V, raising in pitch, and then descending.


At the end of that 8-bar segment, Benny sequenced two bebop phrases ending on the #11. The rhythm section is comping more, especially the piano and drums.


In the segment, Benny is reaching up to his high notes in ascending rasp of triplets. The notes, even as pinched ones, carry a lot of intensity. 


Benny ends his solo with a triumphant high D.