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Title: You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To

Artist: Gabrielle Cavassa

Key: F

Form: ABAB'

Style: Medium Bright Swing (Great American Songbook)

Location: Live From Emmet's Place (Emmet Cohen)


Origin: Film, "Something to Shout About" (1943). Composer and Lyrics, Cole Porter




This jam session version of Emmet Cohen’s trio plus Benny Bennack III, Saul Rubin, and vocalist Gabrielle Cavassa singing You’d Be So Nice to Come To is a straight-ahead, bright swing rendition played with a conservative band-stand arrangement with a couple exceptions: Emmet added a 'one-time only' surprise tag of 8 bars at the end of his solo, and the head-out tag was a stretched-out 64 bars. Communication and listening were important in this jam, with musicians quickly locating their spot with the improvised form adjustments. Gabrielle had a pleasant, conservative rendition of the melody, presented with a bouncy, slightly syncopated melody on the way-in, compared to a more bluesier, melodically adjusted version on the way-out, leading into the open tag. After the decision was made to end the song, Emmet quickly closed it out with no ritard and a descending harmonic movement from the tri-tone to the tonic.



If not familiar with the song, listen to other versions of the song. Be familiar with the ABAB’ form and listen especially for ii-V-iii-IV repeated tag at the end. Learn it well enough to focus your watching and listening to the musicians and how they’re interacting to mutually find the end of the song.



32 measure Head-in sung by Gabrielle Cavassa

32 measure x 3 Saul Rubin guitar solo

32 measure x 2 Benny Bennack III trumpet solo

32 measure x 2 Emmet Cohen piano solo

8 measure Emmet repeated tag of 8 bar, ii-V-iii-VI at end of solo

32 measure x 2 Lex Warshawsky bass solo

30 measure Gabrielle sings head-out (last 2 bars not included because of tag)

64 measure Open ended ii-V-iii-VI tag

4 measure ending


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