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Title: I’ve Never Been in Love Before

Artist: Cyrille Aimee

Key: F

Form: AABA

Style: Medium Bright Swing (Great American Songbook)

Location: Live From Emmet's Place (Emmet Cohen)


Origin: Music Film: Guys and Dolls (1950), Frank Loesser



This jam session version of Emmet Cohen’s trio plus Cyrille Aimee singing I’ve Never Been in Love Before is an in-the-pocket swing rendition borrowing  from the blues and traditional jazz. Both Emmet and Cyrille take measured multi-chorus solos building in the intensity that are afforded to a musician. The support from the rhythm section often happens when soloists use their 'blank slate' to develop their solo; expert rhythm sections will instinctually connect with the soloist not only to communicate but through action, build intensity under solos, and provide musicians and listeners a high level of comfort. This comfort allowed the song to go in different directions and ‘let the book write itself’ in the moment. You can hear points when the musicians were figuring out the next steps in the song. This organic quality brings the listener into the creation process.



If not familiar with the song, listen to the original Guys and Dolls version, as well as other classic versions sung by jazz vocalists and instrumentalists. Follow along with the AABA lead sheet, read and interpret the lyrics. Understand the established version to appreciate the rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic changes made in this performance.



16 measure Introduction

32 measure Head-in sung by Cyrille

32 measure x 6 Emmet Cohen solo (6 choruses)

32 measure x 4 Cyrille Aimee scat solo (4 choruses)

32 measure Head-out sung by Cyrille

Tag and ending The last few bars tagged with an ending


Conclusion and 10 Thought-Provoking Questions