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Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm




  • Continual development in jazz improvisation
  • Continued development in piano technique and reading skills (if necessary) 
  • Continual development in melodic and harmonic skills through theory and practice
  • How to function inside a jazz combo
  • Continual development in ear training and listening skills
  • Training in reading "head" charts



Piano Technique:


  • Through Card Exercises (CE), playing closest pos. scales to achieve scale independence.
  • Continual use of Hanon exercises (if necessary)
  • Continued sight reading (if necessary)
  • Development of "head chart" reading technique
  • Through CE and metronome, learning basic 7th chords (left and right hand guide tones)

Combo Functionality:


  • Basic rhythmic "comping" techniques
  • Focus on harmonic series and how to build functional, well-balanced chords
  • How to keep time and listen "beyond yourself"
  • Introduction and development of jazz repertoire


Jazz Theory


  • Circle of 5ths and diatonic chord harmony
  • Basic 7th chords and guide tones
  • The role of (b7 to 3) in chord progressions
  • V-I, ii-V-I, and I-vi-ii-V-I chord progressions

Ear Training


  • Introduction to transcribing, with assignments in transcribing easy melodies and chords

Jazz Improvisation


  • Dorian, Mixolydian, and Aeolian modes and their use
  • Learning bebop scales and their use
  • Identification and learning basic standards, jazz standards, and how to use chord and scale skills to improvise over them
  • Understanding grooves, feel, and placement of beat
  • Blues- traditional and jazz versions