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  • Continual Development in Jazz Improvisation
  • Continued Development in Piano Technique and Reading Skils (if needed)
  • Continual development in melodic and harmonic skills through theory and practice
  • Discussion of potential future with jazz and "gigging" strategies
  • Continual development in ear training and listening skills
  • Building of jazz repertoire


Piano Technique:


  • Continued development of reading (if needed)
  • Through Card Exercises (CE) and metronome, practice of 4 and 5 note open-position chords
  • Through CE and metronome, learning of "exotic" 7th chords
  • Through CE and metronome, learning of altered dominants


Jazz Improvisation:


  • Difference between phrase and chord/scale based improvisation
  • Use of repetition and sequencing in solos
  • Application of transcriptions to improvising
  • Soloing over altered harmony
  • Passing tones as relevant to bebop language


Jazz Repertoire:


  • Establishment of a list of tunes to learn for different functions (i.e. cocktail gig, jam session...)


Ear Training:


  • Transcriptions of jazz solos with emphasis on acquiring feel of person being transcribed
  • Trascription of jazz solos with emphasis on learning melodic phrases


Jazz Theory:


  • Simple reharmonization including diatonic reharm and tri-tone substitutions
  • Continued exploration into altered harmony
  • Melodic Minor modes


Work Strategies:


  • Discuss possible roles and application of jazz in student's future
  • Discuss different opportunites to play jazz in different ensembles and network