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Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm




  • Continual development in jazz improvisation
  • Continued development in piano technique and reading skills (if necessary)
  • Continual development in melodic and harmonic skills through theory and practice
  • Discussion of potential future with jazz and "gigging" strategies
  • Continual development in ear training and listening skills
  • Continued building of jazz repertoire
  • Exploring composition and arranging


Piano Technique:


  • Using Card Exercises and metronome, covering Major and Minor ii-V-I progressions, diatonic ii-V-Is, Altered ii-V-Is, Half-diminished ii-Vs
  • Use of tri-tone and chromaticism
  • Memorization of transcribed solos

Jazz Improvisation:


  • Playing and Study of different "modern" and niche concepts. i.e. Coltrane changes, playing "out", authentic latin and african rhythms
  • Development of student's "sound" and consolidation of musical direction to achieve it
  • Understanding and improvising over odd time signatures
  • Polyrhythms


Jazz Theory:


  • Exploration of intermediate and advanced chord reharmonization
  • Suspended harmony (7sus, 7sus(b9), 7sus(#4))




  • Adding passing harmony to chord progressions
  • Rhythmic superimposition and (2 over 3) polyrhythms




  • Establishment of essential 50 standards/jazz standards


Ear Training:


  • Continued transcribing into longer, more difficult solos to improve ears


Work Strategies:


  • Development of professionalism and building "brand"




  • Exploring aptitude and desire for composing and/or arranging jazz music