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Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm


Head (:20)


In A sections, Cyrille is singing mostly on the given melody with shortened notes at the end of phrases, leaving room for Emmet to ‘converse’, filling the given space with bluesy melodies. Cyrille back-phrases in small amounts.

On the B section, Cyrille extends the end of her phrases, demonstrating the quality of her voice.


On the last A section, Cyrille goes back to a truncated phrasing style.

Her overall interpretation is very rooted in rhythm, so even bordering on simple, it still grooves as opposed to floating over the rhythm section.

In her last two bars, Cyrille doubles the length of the last phrase to extend it to the beginning of the end of the top of the form.


TIP: Many songs’ melodies end 2 bars before the end of the form. It can be an interesting technique to double the length of the last phrase, like Cyrille to carry the melody to the downbeat of the next A section. This can assist the vocalist in eliminating the sometimes awkward 2 bars that can exist with no melodic content if you stop singing and the soloist doesn’t start their solo before the top of the form. (:56)