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Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orch.

Aretha's Jazz Cafe


Tues. Dec 7- 8pm and 9:30pm shows


1st show, $10 cover

2nd show, no cover


Oxford School Jazz Band

opening 7-8pm $10 cover


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Kate Patterson Quartet

Sun. October 24th 4-6pm

Jefferson Ave. Presbyterian Church, Detroit

Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orch.

Detroit Jazz Festival

Sun. Sept. 5- 2-3:15pm


Aretha's Jazz Jam

Aretha's Jazz Cafe

Every Sun. 7-10pm


Paul King with Strings

Paul King with Strings
Paul King with Strings

This all-star group, fronted by popular Detroit crooner 
Paul King, is a the result of Paul and Scott Gwinnell’s 
efforts to create a unique type of music that has the 
energy and feel of a small group, but suggests the 
lush, sweeping string arrangements of Frank Sinatra 
and Ella Fitzgearld.


The band is made up of experienced, creative 
musicians, led by award-winning composer/arranger, 
Scott Gwinnell, who serves as musical director.

This venture celebrates the music of the great, 
underrated, Matt Dennis. A composer from the 1930s- 
60s, Dennis is often overlooked, but is appreciated 
here for his music’s warmth, wit, beautiful melodies, 
and lyrics that are still fresh well into the 21st century.

This group works well in any setting, from intimate club 
to festival stage, and its unique combination of 
musical styles appeals to listeners of every kind. 


View from behind the band at The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe
View from behind the band at The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe