Clients and potential clients:

Thank you for visiting this site; it hopefully outlines who I am, what I do, and what I have to offer in broad sense. You can see that I do many things from playing solo piano to booking bands of 20 people or more. I'd like to take a second to expand upon what I can offer to you.

As a musician and a booking agent, I offer:


Solo piano engagements 


Whether or not you have a piano, I can bring a keyboard to your location, playing a variety of music suited to your event. I take requests and can play everything from light classical to standards, to contemporary music. In over 20 years of playing solo piano, I have had steady gigs at The Whitney, Dirty Dog, London Chop House, Caucus Club, and others. 


Duo, Trio and more musicians


Any size group and instrumentation can be provided.


Types of commonly booked groups:


Duo (piano, bass) or (piano, singer) or (piano, horn)

Trio (piano, bass, drums) or (piano, bass, singer) or (piano, bass, horn)

Quartet (piano, bass, drums, singer or horn)


If you need a larger group I can offer a 10 piece group or even a 16 piece big band. See the Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra for details about that ensemble.


Commonly booked functions:


Weddings (ceremonies, cocktail, dinner, and/or reception)


Christmas Functions

Corporate Events

Dinner Clubs and Restaurants


If you're not sure what type of group is appropriate to your event, no question is dumb. Just ask. All consultations are free.


I can even handle entertainment coordinating if you need to have multiple groups for a wedding or other large function.


Pricing is adjustable according to location, amount of hours played, size of group, etc. Get in touch and we'll discuss the details.


Music writing work:

I offer different music writing jobs to musicians, agencies, or anyone with a need for this unique skill.


Arranging- any kind/style music for any size group

Transcription- taking music off a recording for print

Composition- if you need a tune for a specific event


Prices are negotiable depending on amount of work and skill involved.

Lessons / clinics:

Besides teaching jazz piano at Oakland University, I also teach private piano, composing, and arranging lessons in my home studio in Clinton Township. Lessons can be weekly, bi-weekly, or ad hoc. I can also teach on learning Finale, the computer notation program. Call for scheduling a trial lesson.


I also offer clinics/ presentations to elementary, middle, high school, and universities in jazz. Subjects include: Jazz appreciation, history, improvisation, combo coaching, and writing. Call for more information.